Omni Pulse 3

Omni Pulse III

Pulse Therapy.

Our energy levels are important in our day to day living. many cells are damaged on a daily basis from external sources, ie: the food we eat, disease, electronics & technology, pollution, environment and many more.

The Omni Pulse device is designed to repair the damage done to our cells by recharging them, just like you recharge a battery cell for longer life.

Ever had those days when you feel
disconnected from the power source?

That’s your body advising you that cells have been damaged and need some recharging. Leaving cells damaged can lead to various ailments such as immune deficiency, cancers and generally disadvantaged health.

This style of therapy has been used for many years, however the Omni Pulse is the most modern improved device using pulse therapy as an alternative treatment.

How does it work you ask?

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